Parents are welcome to visit

the Centre at any time


We do ask that parents let us know in advance if they would like to visit so that we can make sure that there aren’t too many people in the Centre all at the same time.

As a parent, it’s vital for you to know that your child is receiving the best possible care. Parents and Edale Stepping Stones staff work together to support learning and development, sharing information and making decisions.

Our partnership with parents is based on mutual respect, trust, transparency and responsibility. 


We know that parents can feel that they are missing out on their child’s day, but regular chats with your child’s key worker and sharing their learning journal will provide reassurance. Our key person system not only helps to build trust in each child, but also creates trust for parents. Parents are naturally involved at every stage of their child’s development, and at Edale Stepping Stones we encourage each parent to have regular and frequent contact with their child’s key person, to understand more of how their child is developing and what they might do to  support their child at home. Good relationships between parents and Edale Stepping Stones will help to develop shared expectations and provide safe opportunities to raise any concerns. 

Children learn in different ways and at different rates. Our partnership with parents makes sure that parents and key persons keep up-to-date with each child’s development and learning.

All parents have two more formal opportunities each year to discuss in detail their child's progress and be involved in the planning for their 'next steps'.
Parents evening occurs every January and July.
We have an important graduation celebration that takes place at the end of the children’s time at the Centre before they move on to school.