Parents are welcome to visit

the Centre at any time


At Edale Stepping Stones we recognise that parents are the primary carers and educators of their children. We know your child is precious. We know how privileged we are to care for your child.

We recognise that you want the very best for your child. In order to provide the very best, we will listen to you and to what you tell us. At the start of each day we will ask you about anything we should be aware of, such as a poor night’s sleep or excitement of their grandparents coming to visit, so that each day we can respond sensitively to the needs of your child.

We will share with you how your child’s day has been, who they have played with, what they might have tried for the first time, the things they have enjoyed the most and things that they might have found challenging.

We will listen to any suggestions that you have and we will share ideas with you, including activities that you and your child might enjoy together at the weekend.

If you wish to talk to a member of staff confidentially please just ask. We have a duty to safeguard children and to address any special needs they may have. We have a separate room for any sensitive or confidential conversations that we may need to have.

Parents are welcome to visit the Centre at any time. We do ask that parents let us know in advance if they would like to visit so that we can make sure that there aren’t too many people in the Centre all at the same time.

All parents have two more ‘formal’ opportunities to discuss in detail their child's progress and be involved in the planning for their 'next steps'. Parents meetings occur every January and July.

Parents and families are also invited to share in the important graduation celebration that takes place at the end of the children’s time at the Centre before they move on to school. Everyone in the Centre gets involved to wish the children who are leaving us all the best for their next stage in life – though we hope many of them will be back very quickly as members of our out of school and holiday clubs.