Each child who comes to Edale Nursery and Childcare Centre is allocated a Key Person.


The Key Person will take a special interest in each of the children in their key group. In Edale Stepping Stones we usually organise the key groups by age, but we may make exceptions when a child develops a close bond with another member of staff. 

The Key Person for your child will take prime responsibility for their care and learning.


They will get to know you as well as your child, so that you feel confident to share your child’s likes and dislikes and anything else that you think would benefit your child whilst at the Centre. Your child’s key person will listen to you, and will share with you things that your child has been involved with during the day and any special moments such as new learning, or a developing friendship with another child. 

A Learning Journal is compiled for all children by their key person.


The Journal is a record of observations and other evidence of a child's care and development. Whilst the majority of the learning journal will be completed at the Centre, you may wish to add to it, particularly if something significant has happened at home, such as first steps. Journals are available to parents at all times and are given to the children when they leave the Centre and move on to school.

Key Person Learning Journal