November 2020


Hooray! Edale Stepping Stones is open at last, with happy children and happy staff.

It is a joy and privilege getting to know the wonderful small people of Edale, seeing how they think and guiding them as they learn. We have a lovely small group of children who are learning a lot from each other as well as, we hope, from us. They are already getting used to taking turns and to sharing.

It was clear after the first week that the children, especially one or two of them, love trains. So they chose to replace the shop we had in the Centre, with a cardboard box train with six seats, which they decorated themselves and a driver’s cab big enough for two of the children to sit in. They took turns to be the guard and to distribute and check the tickets. We went on journeys to Sheffield through the long Totley tunnel, through the Cowburn Tunnel to New Mills and even to the seaside!

Autumn is a special time for children as the change in seasons is so dramatic. We have enjoyed walks scrunching through leaves and picking up sticks, really looking at the differences and similarities between the leaves, and then using them to make autumn collages. Children have been counting, sorting, finding the biggest and smallest and talking about the colours.

In honour of Esther’s baby brother Freddy, we have done a lot of work looking after baby dolls, and have been surprised and delighted by the sensitivity the children have displayed in caring for them, including remembering not to put them face down in the bath!

The children have been treated to delicious snacks and meals made fresh each day by Theresa. The menu has included, amongst others things, Thai chicken curry, vegetarian pasta with cheese, fish pie and for snacks things such as humous with vegetable and bread sticks or cheese and crackers with pieces of fresh fruit including figs and melon. No wonder one of the children exclaimed “This is a restaurant”! We hope that the parents have enjoyed the result of the cooking that the children have done too, taking home tasty treats.

Thanks to all of you who have supported our planning application which will be considered by Peak Park in the first weeks of November. We are hoping that Peak Park will agree the proposal so that we can move into the Old Winery at the end of November or early December. We should have more news to share with you in the next Ringing Roger.

Naomi Compton