December 2020


I write this at a time when we have just re-entered a national lockdown due to the pandemic. Our priority is to keep children, families and staff as safe as possible. We have increased our safety measures including asking parents to wear masks and to keep socially distanced from members of staff where possible. We have been pleased to be able to respond to families who have required some flexibility with places, some due to changes in work patterns because of Covid 19. We very much see ourselves as serving the community and will try to respond positively when we can.

The Centre is busy. Children, parents and staff are all happy. We are very much enjoying Autumn walks collecting leaves and sticks, learning to put on wellies and zip up coats. One of our favourite activities has been going on a ‘Bear hunt’ splashing through puddles, squelching through mud, swirling whirling in the wind, running through the tunnel and tiptoeing quickly back just in case there is a bear following us.

During the week of the carpark resurfacing, the children were fascinated by the huge dinosaur on wheels that spat out gravel, and the flashing lights on the trucks, but sometimes the noise was so loud that the children had to hold their hands over their ears! One morning Grayson and Molly collected chairs for all the children, set them out facing the windows and dragged all the other children over to join them in watching ‘the show’. They waved to the contractors and the contractors waved back and then one of them pulled up alongside and demonstrated the brushes and the power hose and the lights and horn – how exciting! Unfortunately, the contractors have now completed the resurfacing of the carpark, but I am sure the children will find fascination in something else.

We are very grateful to Sam and Laurel at Edale General Store who have started to provide free fruit each week for the children’s snacks. The children very much look forward to trying all sorts of seasonal treats. We have been trying to guess the fruit is by the feel of it and by the description of it and had great hilarity playing a game of ‘Who can make the loudest crunch?’ which was made up by the children in response to the arrival of the miniature carrots.

We anticipate that we will be informed next week of the decision of Peak Park Planning Authority on our application of change of use for the Old Winery. 29 supportive comments were submitted and only one objection. Thanks to all of you who responded, to those of you who have offered help when we are able to move, and to the Village Hall Committee who have agreed that we can stay in the hall until the Christmas break.

Julia reminded me that Lynda Shirt usually decorates the village hall for Christmas, but it’s up to the children this year. I have no doubt that they will produce their own wonderful magical comical decorations that will be a true celebration and fill us all with joy. We wish you all a very happy Christmas, treasuring all the good things in life including the children who contribute so much joy to our community.

Naomi Compton