December 2021


Today we have had our official letter giving us a 5 (very good) rating following our environmental health inspection – yippee! Big Congratulations must go to Theresa who has made sure that everything in the kitchen is, and continues to be, tip top. The children love Theresa’s cooking. They happily eat up all her dishes and particularly enjoy her magical pasta sauce completely unaware of all the vegetables that have been blitzed to make it! 

Many people assume that children under the age of five only like nursery rhymes and songs with actions, all loud and jolly, and they certainly do enjoy those, but children have complex emotions, as we all do, and we need to offer children a range of music. Children love to dance but they also need times to be quiet and still, times to ‘listen’ to their feelings. The children at Edale Stepping Stones are realising the peace that music can bring. It is beautiful to see them all, lying down, relaxed, singing quietly, accompanying Rose’ gorgeous singing voice and her delicate guitar playing. Lost Boy (Peter Pan) is a favourite, it touches all of us and I’m sure if you google and listen to it, you will be touched too. 

November has been another busy month. We have celebrated Diwali with the children, learning and talking about how light overcomes darkness. The children have each made a diya, a small clay lamp, and watched as the flames from the (battery) candles flickered. They also enjoyed making sand pictures and beautiful Rangoli stained ‘glass’ (thanks Chris for the celluloid) decorations, holding them up and seeing the world turn different colours.  

For many children at Stepping Stones, this is the first time they will have seen and experienced the magic of bonfires and fireworks. They talk as if they can’t quite believe that they have seen so many wonderful colours and star bursts in the sky. It is a humbling feeling to be able to share in a child’s sense of awe and wonder, and it makes us all appreciate again just what an amazing world we live in. 

As we approach December the children at Edale Stepping Stones will be singing their little hearts out, preparing for our Christmas Nativity with a twist. It will be the first time these children have been part of a little show, but I’m sure that that won’t inhibit them creating their own characterful roles! We will keep our eyes open for the panto stars of the future. 

The children will also be making decorations to sell at our Christmas Fair on the Saturday 11th December 12-3pm. We can guarantee that the decorations will all be handmade and certainly unique (!) so why not pop along and buy one or two as stocking fillers or gifts? We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

All of us at Edale Stepping Stones wish you a joyful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.