February 2021


In our last update we said that we were looking forward to enjoying the children’s awe and delight in the new year. Well, it hasn’t taken long. The snow came and the children’s awe and delight has had no bounds – the magic of beautiful, soft, pure white flakes silently landing and transforming their world. The children made snowmen to sit on each side of the seesaw, they and some of the staff got covered in snow rolling down the ‘hill’ in the park and we all delighted in making footprints in the virgin snow and in finding footprints which weren’t human – what could they be?! The children have explored the snow using all their senses - the taste of snow caught on their tongues, the chill of snow seeping through their gloves, the sudden crack of ice spitting under boots, the magic of breath steaming like a dragon, the smell of wet socks and gloves drying on the radiator, the change of the soft snow hardening as it’s packed into balls, so much learning whilst having such fun! The children are all hoping for lots more snow in the next few weeks. Thanks must go to all the parents who have provided their children with such cosy snow suits.

The children planted daffodil bulbs outside in the autumn and are now watching to see if there are any sign of shoots. Inside they have been nurturing a pot of daffodil bulbs and the older children have been doing careful observational drawings each week of the muddled roots, the straight silky shoots, the change in height. They are looking forward to the daffodil growing right up to the sky!

On days when we just haven’t been able to go outside because the rain has poured and poured we have had fun dancing, hopping, slithering, skipping, jumping and rolling. We have sung songs, made our own music and have listened to the music of others.

Due to the most recent lockdown and Covid restrictions causing delays, Ofsted has not been able to register us at the Old Winery yet, but we hope they will be able to do so in the very near future and then we will be able to move to our new home.

Naomi Compton.