August 2021


Thank-you to many of you who came along to support our Summer Fair, which raised an amazing total of £1030,04! There was a lot of fun shared by all and as is always the case with Edale fairs, a lot of delicious cake eaten. The afternoon remained dry and the children managed not to get too wet in the hook-a-duck. There were some brilliant goals scored in ‘Beat the goalkeeper’ , amazing creatures walking around having visited the face-painting, steady hands winning the buzzer game, shouts of joy as people won on the tombolas, and very early Christmas presents bought on the craft stall. Huge thanks to Jane Acty and the team of many helpers who contributed so much talent and time in baking, crafting and running the stalls.

The best aspect of the afternoon was the opportunity for people who had not met or spent time with one another recently to sit and talk and laugh over a cup of tea and cake. As I have said before some of the parents of the one year old children have not had the opportunity, because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, to meet up with other parents during since becoming parents for the first time. It was lovely to see the first-time parents of three one-year olds sat together on the lawn talking and laughing with their children playing happily in the middle.

As I write this we are preparing for our graduation celebration on the 23rd July. We will be celebrating the work of Esther, Harry, Wilf, Bryony and Helmi. They have all made their own individual contributions to Stepping Stones and we will miss each one of them. As they move up to school, Edale school will benefit from the joyful sound of Esther singing to herself, the wonder of the speed of Harry’s running, the fantastical world that Wilf creates and the way that Helmi cares for others. Hope school will benefit from Bryony’s questioning which helps all of us to find out and learn more. They all have a wonderful sense of humour and so the reception classes will be filled with laughter and fun in learning. We wish them all the very best.

We will be enjoying ‘Beasts and Bees’ during August with our summer club, but more about that in the next edition.

Naomi Compton