July 2021


July holds some very special days for the children and families at Edale Stepping Stones. On the 23rd July we will be celebrating the learning of the four year olds who will be leaving us at the end of the month to move on to school in September. The children have already started their transition visits and Jill Garmeson, the reception teacher at Edale Primary School has spent an afternoon joining the children for circle time, listening to the children displaying their learning and answering their questions about school. The move to school is one of the most important mile stones in the lives of young children and we want to make sure that the children at Edale Stepping Stones are as prepared and confident as possible, so that they are able to look forward with excited anticipation, secure and confident in themselves. The parents of the four year olds are invited to the party to support and celebrate their child and we have invited a guest of honour, Paulette Thompson from Nottingham, who has wide ranging experience leading and managing services for children in a number of different local authorities. Paulette will present the graduation certificates and will spend some time with the children. I am sure that the younger children will all be cheering their friends as we wish them all the very best.

Edale Stepping Stones is also holding a summer fair on the afternoon of Sunday 11th July. The trustees have been busy finding volunteers to get crafting, to start baking and to run stalls. Many thanks to all who have responded so positively.

As summer has arrived the children are learning a lot about the many uses of water and how fortunate we are to have clean safe water at the turn of our taps. They have learned about the importance of keeping clean and using water to wash, the need to drink plenty of water to keep us healthy and using water to mix powder paint. Out in the garden children have tried to predict which objects will float and which will sink, they have learnt how to make a wheel move without touching it using the power of poured water and the need for water to make plants grow. The one year olds have had particular fun sitting in the water tray being tickled by the pour and splashes of water on their toes and on their legs. The older children have been paddling in the trough and all the children have had fun playing with ice.

We look forward to enjoying many more bright sunny days of learning, of being together and of celebrating.

Naomi Compton