June 2021


Hooray! Edale Stepping Stones has finally moved into our new home, at the Old Winery. We want to thank all of you who made this possible, from those of you who supported our planning application to those of you who helped with the move and the adjustments to the new premises, and in particular thanks to the Jackson family for making sure it was ready for us and to Steve Spingys who has done a lot of practical work behind the scenes. The Old Winery is a wonderful place for children. The children have settled well and have already made it their own. They have used it ways we didn’t anticipate so some of the furniture will be moved to include their ideas and to make it even more comfortable for them.

One of the very best aspects of our new premises is the garden. Despite the recent rain the children have enjoyed it most days and have delighted in making balancing pathways with the crates and planks, counting forwards and backwards on our new number line, and chasing after each other in the police cars. The garden suits children of all the ages, as they help each other to explore how they can use different equipment. The one year olds in particular have loved being in the garden with the older children, pulling themselves up on the side of the house to peer in as the older children hand them something through the window, sitting on the grass and sorting through the coloured pebbles, playing hide and seek in pairs with one of their ‘older’ friends and sharing the wonder of looking at beetles and snails (and being supervised so that they don’t explore them with their mouths)!.

This last weekend saw Edale at its best. We want to thank all you wonderful generous crazy folk who gave up your Saturday morning to move the tree house from the Favel's to the Old Winery garden. It was hilarious, ingenious and truly amazing to watch! I always think that when you have Austin and Andrew you will inevitably have a solution – no matter what the challenge. Huge thanks must also go to Sue and Tony for the generosity of their donation of the tree-house which will be enjoyed by so very many children over the coming years.

We had a last hurrah in the village hall the Friday we left, which was international dance day. In the afternoon, the children were played a short extract from a variety of music, which they listened to and then decided what they each felt was the most appropriate movement. The music was wide ranging and international, but the music that proved most popular was Ace of Spades by Motorhead ‘This is my Dad’s rock music!’ and Vivaldi’s Spring ‘I’m flying’. We ended the afternoon lying still and listening to Groove Armada and then slowly moving one part of our bodies at a time until we were all up and dancing again – what a great way to end what was a very happy time at the Village Hall. Our thanks to all the Village Hall Committee for agreeing our time there. Without your willingness to host us, Edale Stepping Stones may have never come to fruition.

Naomi Compton