April 2021


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The nursery children have been reflecting on how lucky they are. In advance of taking part in Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) on Friday, we have been doing activities and having discussions about children who are less fortunate than us.

As part of this the children spent time thinking about all the ways in which they use their legs, and the sort of things they are able to do because they have legs that work ‘Jump’ came top of the list. They then took turns sitting in a wheelchair and tried to push the wheelchair. They realised that you couldn’t get up stairs and would have to use the ramp instead. They got frustrated when they were in the wheelchair and for a moment the person who was pushing them walked away and left them just sitting there. They found out how difficult it was to push the chair across the muddy areas and how you felt the jolt over stones. Once in the park, we talked about what we couldn’t do if our legs didn’t work. ‘You couldn’t splash in the puddles’, ‘You couldn’t climb’ ‘Or balance’ (on the logs) and how you would need someone to help you to sit on the swing or to hold you on the seesaw.

Later in the week the children then had time thinking about how lucky they were to have eyes that work. We used a blindfold to think about what we would miss seeing ‘I couldn’t see my friends’, ‘the sky’ ‘my toys’ and how much you would rely on someone else to help you find your way around.

We also talked about how lucky we are to have families who care for us, beds to sleep in, houses to keep us warm and dry when it rains, food to eat. One of the children said ‘because children in Africa sometimes don’t have food’ and that led to a discussion about children in this country, and even in this valley, who might not have enough food to eat.

By Red Nose Day the children were talking about how lucky they are and we had a lot of fun raising money for other children. A big thank-you must go to all the parents for the extraordinary creations that the children arrived wearing for our funky hat competition and for giving so generously. A total of £91 was raised!

Although we used the Comic Relief theme, the money raised will all go directly to Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) who are a group of women, many with young children, who live in Manchester. Edale has strong links with the group and Edale Stepping Stones is hoping to build on those links with WAST and their young children as an on-going benefit to the children in the nursery and to the children of WAST.

Naomi Compton