I don’t know what happened to the children on Thursday 3rd March, but none of them came to nursery! Instead, we were invaded by some very interesting characters including Super Worm, Cat Pirate, a Minion, the witch from Room on a Broom, Snow White and others. Of course, it was World Book Day and each of the children dressed up as their favourite character from a book, and some of them brought their books in to share. We were joined for the celebration by Class one from Edale Primary School which was a lot of fun. Jacob and Zeke brilliantly read the Gingerbread Man story and the children acted out the different characters. Everybody made ginger man biscuits and enjoyed finding out about the stories that were the inspiration behind the costumes. 

Now that the weather is brightening up some of you may have noticed that the children from Edale Stepping Stones are beginning to explore more of the local area. Gabe and Ebbie (aged two) have been working on prepositions, hiding soft toys under hedges, on top of walls, and next to large stones, for each other to find. The older children (aged three and four) have been going on walks, spotting numerals they can see from the road, talking about the environment, playing games and doing silly dances in fields much to the amusement of some of the walkers who passed by! All the children, including the one year olds, have been into the church to spot colours and shapes and the older ones had a wonderful half an hour with Simon who discussed with them why the church is a special place for so many people. 

We are looking forward to more days of warmer weather and to even more exploring. If you are fortunate enough to see one of our silly dances, please do join in – the children would love it!

April 2022