The children at Stepping Stones were very excited to say their first hello to a group of small children and their lovely teacher Tonje who gave us all a warm welcome from their school in Gabon, West Africa. The children in Gabon are learning English and were pleased to practice. They are doing a topic about the weather, so the Stepping Stones children told them that here it was cold, rainy and cloudy. Merryn demonstrated how she put on her snow suit and her wellies, and Grayson showed the children the flashing lights on his wellies, which help to keep him safe when he walks on dark days. The children in Gabon showed us that they were all wearing shorts and t-shirts because it was so hot and sunny, which made us all very jealous. We then sang a song and said goodbye until next time. We are hoping this will be a regular link and the children will be able to get to know each other and share the similarities and differences between their lives. 

Another link-up that the children are enjoying is with class one at Edale Primary School. Class one come to us for a session on a Thursday morning and the Stepping Stones three and four year olds go for a story with class one on Tuesday mornings. The children have built dens, cooked mud pies, danced and made cheese scones. It has been a real pleasure for the staff as well as the children to get to know each other better. 

As you know Edale Stepping Stones is a non-for-profit charity. We need to make sure that we have enough income to pay salaries, but because the nursery is so small, we will always need the contribution and support from the village to buy resources and any extras. Thank-you to all those who supported the Christmas Fair which raised the money needed to buy a robust mud kitchen and contribute towards the development of an allotment area for growing fruit and vegetables. The children are all very excited and look forward to the weather drying up a bit so they can make full use of them.

March 2022