Have you seen little muddy monsters emerging from the Old Winery? Have you heard the sighs of resignation as parents try in vain to keep muddy paws away from their previously pristine jackets? This has been a very muddy month and the children at Edale Stepping Stones love playing in mud. We have a muddy hill to run up and down, a mud kitchen to make delicious mud and leaf soup, and some muddy spots which are perfect for sliding in – skiddlybump! These children are growing up knowing that the outdoors is a place of delight and they will always be able to find and make their own joy. 

Our topic is ‘Me.’ We are looking at, and talking about physical attributes, our similarities and our differences and thinking about what makes us each special. We have also been thinking about our emotions. The children have been introduced to some new ‘buddies’ which have joined the nursery- they are Happy, Scared, Angry and Excited (small spongey shapes with embroidered expressions). The three year olds have been listening to each other as we talk about what makes each of us happy ‘when my Mumma hugs me’, scared ‘if I got lost’, angry ‘when someone takes a toy I’ve got’ and excited ‘waiting for all my friends at nursery.’ All the children have been encouraged to talk to each other or a member of the team and to go and find the appropriate buddy to squeeze if they feel really happy/angry/scared or excited. We have created a calm corner where the buddies live next to a cosy tent. The children can choose a buddy, curl up in the cosy tent with a pillow, a fleecy blanket, a soft toy and their favourite book when they need a bit of time of quiet. Children know that there is only one person in the tent at any time, and although it is only used a few times a day, the 2 and the 3 year old children are learning to recognise when they want a bit of peace – it’s just a shame the tent isn’t big enough for the grown-ups! 

Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about our families, our homes, where we live, how we can take care of ourselves, people who help us and a wide range of other things all to do with ‘me.’

February 2022