Our children benefit from delicious home cooked meals every day. We have our own cook who ensures that not only is the food healthy, balanced and nutritious, but also that it is really tasty! The children enjoy a wide range of tastes and textures and are encouraged to try food they have not had before. We cater for all individual dietary needs. 


We are very lucky to have fresh fruit given to us each week from the kind and generous team at Edale General Store. For lunches we operate a three week menu which changes in Winter and Summer. We also provide snacks such as cracker, humous and vegetable sticks, or half a slice of toast with cream cheese and apple slices. Children have a drink of milk in the morning and water with each meal. They are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. 


Meal times are an important time of the day for children at Edale Stepping Stones. We all, children aged 1-4 years and staff, sit down together for snack and for lunch. Children talk in small groups or in the whole group, about the food they are eating and a wide variety of other subjects. They learn to wait until everyone has sat down before they start eating and to wait for everyone to finish before they get down from the table. Each day one of the older children is chosen as table monitor to serve the other children at the table. This is a well-respected role and the children are always proud to be chosen. 


The cook also spends time cooking with the children. They will, for example, be involved in cutting up vegetables and peeling fruit, making their own pizzas to eat for lunch and making biscuits to share at home. The cook also introduces the children to seasonal activities such as podding peas and eating lychees and other traditional food to celebrate Chinese New Year.