September 2021


‘We’ve got animals!’ so came the cry from the Stepping Stones garden as the children discovered the wolves hiding in the tree house. Were they friendly or scary? Maybe they are scared of us? How do they know we are friendly? Where had they come from? Why had they come to Edale? Had they flown here or run all the way from their far away land? How could we help them? So began the discovery of a magical world of children’s imagination as they took it in turns to put their ear next to the wolves mouths and ‘listen to their whispered answers’ which they then shared with their friends. Stories woven around the generous gift of Laurel and Sam, of some very special friends (the wolves from the shop’s Christmas display) to the very lucky children at Stepping Stones holiday club. 

You may have also heard that we have been ‘walking on water! - well not quite, but the children at Edale Stepping Stones holiday club have indeed been wading through Grindsbrook, making potions using found twigs, leaves, grass and of course mud and water from the river, and making channels through the dams and rapids to sail their home made wooden boats safely. Despite the rain, the children have shared stories lying in the hammocks in the trees, made centipedes, made music using hollow stems, and splish, splash, sploshed to their hearts content. We have enjoyed picnic feasts and have come back brimming with happy memories but completely exhausted. 

On the days when the winds and the water levels have been too high to visit Edale Island we have been for welly walks, made dens in the garden, played music round the trees, played hide and seek and made all sorts of bugs and beasts! It has been a great joy to share this summer with not only the nursery children but many of the Edale Primary school children, and a few from Hope and Castleton schools too. 

Many many thanks to all the volunteers who have joined us in supporting the children in their discoveries. We hope that they have had fun too.